Saturday, December 26, 2015

Electricity Demystified

Now anyone with an interest in electricity can master it -- without getting their wires crossed. In Electricity Demystified, best-selling science and math writer Stan Gibilisco provides an effective and painless way to improve your understanding of the electricity that powers so much of modern life. 

With Electricity Demystified, you master the subject one simple step at a time -- at your own speed. This unique self-teaching guide offers quizzes and tests at the end of each chapter and section to pinpoint weaknesses, and a 70-question final exam to reinforce the entire book.

If you want to build or refresh your understanding of electricity, here's a fast, entertaining self-teaching course that's really electrifying! Get ready to:

Understand what gives electricity its power

Solve problems involving current, voltage, power, and resistance

Grasp the connection between electricity and magnetism

Discover how magnetic levitation works

Learn about alternative electricity sources, such as solar energy and fuel cells

Take a "final exam" and grade it yourself!


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