Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[Day 11] Fundraising For Dummies

A straightforward and detailed guide to the basics of fundraising With more than 25 percent new material, Fundraising For Dummies, Second Edition is more comprehensive and up--to--date than before. Plus, it covers all the changes in tax law, philanthropy in general, and the business environment since the bursting of the dot.com bubble and the events of September 11, 2001. In addition to its precise and vital information on developing a fundraising plan, this edition features new information on donor research, cultivating major givers, writing grant proposals, online donations and fundraising, new rules for faith--based organizations, finding and training volunteers, direct mail, and more. Nonprofit organizations who need to develop new and better fundraising initiatives should start with this simple and friendly guide. Katherine Murray (Indianapolis, IN) has written several books about fundraising and advises nonprofits. John Mutz (Indianapolis, IN) is an experienced fundraising expert and speaker. He is also a former lieutenant governor of Indiana.


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