Thursday, December 10, 2015

[Day Eight] Amateur Photographer November 21 2015 Issue

Telling tales
Steve Morgan explains how to reveal insights into your subject’s character and interests by creating an environmental portrait

Try your hand
Step away from those Photoshop tools, as Frances Schultz provides a step-by-step guide for hand colouring your prints

Addicted to landscapes
Award-winning landscape photographer Damian Shields talks to Tom Smallwood about the epic quality of his images, and why it’s not all about kit
Evening class

Martin Evening sorts out your photo-editing and post-processing problems
Laowa LX FX 15mm f/4 Wideangle 1:1 Macro lens

Andy Westlake tests an intriguing lens that mixes extreme wideangle macro with shift capability

Phottix Indra lights
Callum McInerney-Riley tries out the Phottix Indra – a small, portable on-location flash kit

Tamron SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD
Damien Demolder tests Tamron’s first premium fixed-focal-length lens, a 45mm fast standard

7 days
A week in photography
Your letters and guess the date competition
Reader Portfolio
Spotlight on readers’ excellent images and how they captured them

Useful gadgets to enhance your photography, from phones to filters

Technical Support
Expert advice, tips, tricks and more

Final Analysis
Roger Hicks considers… ‘Sorb Girl’, from ‘Irrlicht’ series, 2013-2014 by Yana Wernicke

Amateur Photographer

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