Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Announcement!

To celebrate the season of giving, I shall be doing an upload-a-thon for ebooks that will last until the 23rd of December! Don't miss out :)

I won't be making a list though, but it will be an alternating fiction - non-fiction pattern ( but mostly fiction) for the books. And here's a hint: some fiction books that I would be uploading would be a trilogy or longer, like The Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. I'll start with the classics first, then I'll make my way to the hypermodern books.

Non-fiction books will engross magazines, and, well, magazines. Of course, there would be self-help books here and now, not to mention curriculum based books like For Dummies, Demystified, and Schaum's Outlines.

Speaking of sharing, why not share the link to this blog, to your friends or family? The more readers and followers I get, the more books I can upload! :)
Such is this season of Christmas, let's give and take, shall we?

Until then,

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